When Your Skin Starts to Age

With the aging process, changes occur in the body. When it comes to the skin, these changes can be internal and external. External changes are associated with the skin's appearance while internal changes occur beneath the skin’s surface on a cellular level.

As you may know, the skin has three layers:

  1. The Epidermis (Outermost layer)
  2. The Dermis (Middle layer) 
  3. The Subcutaneous layer (Below the Dermis)

As we age, the epidermis begins to thin, and melanocytes start decreasing in number... giving the skin a pale appearance.

As we age, our skin also loses its suppleness, texture, and strength. This is associated with the Five Main Causes of Aging... resulting in sagging appearances, wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging.

Here is the progression of the visible signs of aging characterized by age group:

Age 20-25: Vertical wrinkles start appearing on one's forehead and even lines between the eyebrows may already be visible. Fine lines at the external edges of the eyes are not yet noticeable... however, a history of heavy smoking, drinking, and/or excessive exposure to the sun may result in these signs of premature aging starting to appear early in life.

Age 25-40: In the epidermis, wrinkles begin to deepen, and more fine lines start appearing. Wrinkles are less than 0.0005 mm in depth and are usually caused by the superficial drying out of one's skin, damage and loss of collagen in the skin, as well as the slowing down of cellular renewal.

Age 40-50: Fine lines start appearing around the lips, crow's feet around the eyes, lines parallel to the nose, and the line separating the eyebrows are all beginning to deepen and widen. The skin is now losing more of its natural strength and elasticity while the shape of the face starts changing as the skin begins to sag...resulting in less defined facial contours.

Age 50 and over: Hormonal changes associated with menopause in women and the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in men accelerate the aging process.  The skin's surface now shows clear and distinct signs of aging... these signs are only exacerbated by lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, environmental elements, excessive junk food, etc.

Regardless of your age, your skin needs a healthy foundation and the best way to nourish this foundation is through natural effective skincare products as well as dietary supplements formulated to contain ingredients that have proven efficacy when it comes to supporting skin health.

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