My Health Journey | Real story from Mary

Embark on a journey towards better heart health together, at Xtendlife, we understand that achieving optimal heart health isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you're already using statins or seeking proactive heart protection, GG Pure has something to offer. For statin users, it provides support for muscle discomfort often associated with statins. For those not on statins, it serves as a powerful heart protector, supporting CoQ10 and cholesterol synthesis, along with overall cellular functions.

But don't just take our word for it. Every day, we're inspired by the stories shared within our community, illustrating the transformative power of natural supplements on health and quality of life. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Mary, an active individual in overall good health, she is 71 years young and has been on statin for just a year.

Mary's journey with statins a year ago didn't yield immediate side effects, but her experience with GG Pure has been nothing short of remarkable.

Question 1: Many customers take GG Pure because they are either on a statin or have some cardiovascular issues. What prompted you to start GG Pure?

Mary: I am on a statin, which was my main interest in GG Pure. I started taking a statin a year ago after being diagnosed with moderate CAD and my cholesterol would not drop enough after trying 5 years with diet and lifestyle. I was afraid of getting side effects so I started taking GG Pure with 200 mg of ubiquinol.

Question 2: How did you find out about GG?

Mary: I found out about GG Pure from listening to podcasts by Dr. Joel Kahn. I trust his judgment and recommendation, so I ordered it per his instructions.

Question 3: How did you feel before you started taking GG Pure? Did you have any symptoms?

Mary: I was fortunate not to have had any side effects from the statin prior to taking GG Pure, but I wanted to prevent the side effects. I also have some arthritis in my left thumb, a torn meniscus in my left knee and rotator cuff issues in my right shoulder that caused some discomfort. I took a turmeric supplement for that but it did not help much.

Question 4: Do you take GG Pure every day?

Mary: Yes, I take one capsule every morning.

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Question 5: How do you feel now that you have been taking GG Pure?

Mary: It works! I continue to have no side effects from the statin and the pain in my thumb, knee and shoulder has gone away. It may be the combination of all 3 supplements, but the ubiquinol and turmeric do not work well without the GG Pure.

I believe GG Pure is the most important supplement for the prevention of muscle pain from statin use and also helps with joint issues.

Thank you.