The Best Supplements for Women Over 50

While most people tend to feel mentally young forever – at least until their young mind encourages their older body to do something that results in unexpected aches and pains – as we age, our bodies change, and so do our nutritional needs. This is especially true for women who are 50 years or older.

This is especially true for women who are 50 years or older. They need more omega-3s like DHA in their diet, more antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, and more vitamin D and K, which research has shown might help support the body in preventing the onset of osteoporosis. (Ref. 1)

According to the medical editors at, now is the time to start taking supplements if you haven’t before, being sure to take supplements that are suitable for your needs and will help your body feel as young as your mind. (Ref. 2)

Keep That Energy High

It's common to experience a decrease in energy levels as we age. For women over 50, maintaining that energy level is vital to allow us to feel the best. If you are already on a healthy diet but finding it difficult to stay physically active because of low energy, consider supplementing your daily nutrition with CoQ10 and Omega 3.

CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that is involved in energy production within cells. Studies show that CoQ10 supports mitochondrial function and energy production, and CoQ10 supplements may promote better energy levels. As we age, the CoQ10 levels decline naturally in the body, especially over the age of 40. Hence, a good quality CoQ10 supplement is a great option to help lift CoQ10 levels and keep the energy level high.

CoQ10 has also been investigated for its potential benefits in other areas, including heart health, brain function, and exercise performance. Combined with Omega-3, the essential fatty acid for brain function, joint, heart, and immunity, our Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10  is an excellent choice for women over 50.

Love Your Heart

Females experience heart issues differently due to their biology, and this requires women to pay special attention to heart health.

Experts have found that the estrogen hormone helps relax the arteries walls, allowing blood to pass through them more easily. However, as menopause approaches, the levels of this chemical begin to drop, and the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues start to increase, such as elevated blood pressure, increased LDL cholesterol, glucose, and triglyceride levels.

More importantly, research has also indicated that women tend to have less obvious symptoms of heart attacks, which can lead to delayed treatment.

So if you are at the onset of menopause, take extra care of heart health through positive diet and lifestyle changes. Consider a quality supplement to provide additional protection to heart health; nutrition like vitamin D3, K2, Red Spinach, and Omega-3 & 7 are all beneficial to support artery health and help maintain a healthy heart. Check out our CX8 - the synergistic action of 8 ingredients that aims to improve heart health conditions and support against arterial calcification.

Vitamin D for Stronger Bones and Immunity

Vitamin D is essential to help the gut absorb calcium, promoting strong and healthy bones. Vitamin D is also helpful in reducing inflammation and boosting immune function, cell growth, and cardio health.

Women need vitamin D to maintain strong bones. In general, women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis than men. Evidence shows that women have more difficulty stimulating the mechanism that builds bone tissue when their estrogen levels are reduced. This particularly impacts women during menopause.

Women also need vitamin D for healthy reproductive health. Vitamin D receptors are found in reproductive tissues, and researchers discovered that low vitamin D levels are linked to decreased fertility and menstrual irregularities in women.

Support your immune system and bone strength. You can get vitamin D from our Total Balance, Kiwi-Klenz, and Multi-Xtra.

Healthy and Happy Menopause

The most common complaints from menopausal women include hot flashes, sleep troubles, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

In the United States alone, doctors prescribe approximately 65 million drugs prescriptions per year to women seeking relief from their symptoms, but drugs often come with their own set of undesirable side effects.

If you aren’t getting the relief you need, Hormone-Support for Her might be helpful for you. It’s designed to support natural hormone balance while managing menopause and easing mood swings.

Ultimate Wellness for Women

If you are not a fan of customizing your supplement regime, our Total Balance solution might be just right for you.

This complete multivitamin with over 70 bio-active vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & herbal extracts is designed especially for women to help boost optimum long-term health at a cellular level, support immunity, lift energy levels, aid cardiovascular health, digestion, brain health, eye health, and more. It also includes a specific blend to fulfill the nutritional needs of hormonal balance. Help women manage PMS and menopause symptoms.

Ideal for women looking to add nutrients to their daily diet and promote full-body wellness, including female health support and healthy aging from the age of 50.