Top Five Health Tips For Women Navigating Their Fifties

Generally speaking we no longer have to live with the fear of pregnancy, we have our menopausal hormones under control and the world of freedom is open to us. We are confident and comfortable in our own skin, smart and self-secure. Women over 50 know who they are, where they are going and frankly, they know that 50 is amazing.

Here are five tips to help you navigate 50 and the changes it brings, hopefully it will help you embrace your life at the age of 50, to age gracefully and beautifully.

#1. Find your fitness

50 is the new 40, so make time for you. Exercise is one of the keys to long-term health and vitality, and can contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle. If you have put your fitness on the back-burner, now is the time to reengage with it. For me, the daily act of attaching a Fitbit to my arm, starting my own beautiful relationship with my body, being comfortable in my own skin, leads on to everything else.

Here is another reason that might just motivate you. Researchers in Sweden surveyed 793 women who had reached natural menopause, 5% of those who exercised more than 2 hours a week had severe hot flashes, compared with 14 to 16% of those who did few or no weekly workouts. That is a lot of women dodging hot flushes, naturally.

#2.  Focus on shifting your focus!

Boost your self-esteem by shifting the focus from your flaws to your attributes. After having babies, stretch marks, cellulite and other lumps and bumps become the normal - imperfections don't matter. The truth of the matter is men just don’t care! Show your confidence, we women over 50 know who we are; we know our own values and what it takes to be our best self.

#3.  Food-as-medicine

Add superfoods to your daily supplement regime.

Superfoods, if consumed regularly can have a wonderful rejuvenating effect on your skin - helping you look and feel younger. Besides this effect, they are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods packed with highly nourishing properties that can help slow down aging; not only of the skin but also of many vital organs in your body. The emphasis is on the regularity of the consumption - consider them beauty bombs.

#4 Accidental overload

The subject of sex is nothing new in the world of food-as-medicine. What goes on in the bedroom can sometimes be directly affected by what occurs in the kitchen - often in a detrimental way (who feels sexy after a meal of pizza?).  However, certain superfoods can boost your vitality in more ways than one, and can effectively put more sizzle between the sheets… so to speak!

After reading customer reviews about Zupafood ELITE, I decided to switch up my superfood intake to our flagship Zupafood ELITE. What I had not bargained on with Zupafood ELITE was the medicinal mushrooms included in this blend do have a libido-boosting effect on me. I did some research on the subject. Cordyceps mushrooms have long been used to boost libido and sex drive. A lift in energy and libido, and glowing skin… that is my kind of superfood!!

#5.  Balance those hormones   

If I am honest, on more than one occasion I have blamed my hormones for something! They are largely responsible for keeping your energy up, your weight down, your hot flashes under control, your mood and how much sex we want.

However hormone imbalances go way beyond menopause and hot flushes.

Weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, depression and mood swings can all be associated with hormonal imbalance and left untreated, hormonal imbalances can lead to diseases like cancer and diabetes.

So what's a menopausal woman to do?

The bad news is the majority of woman across the world turn to synthetic treatments such as synthetic hormone replacement therapy, which can do three things:

  • Causes serious side effects by increasing your risk of stroke, osteoporosis and cancer.
  • Women can become dependent on prescription drugs - for the rest of their lives.
  • Masks the symptoms while you develop disease in other areas of the body.

That option was out for me. I have watched my best friend battle with HRT - she now has more facial hair than her husband and no sex drive. In her own words, the last five years have been a rollercoaster.

I am taking a natural approach and it is working for me. I have laced up my sneakers, I am doing light cardio, eating well and taking Hormone-Support for Her -without the side effects of hormones. All of these things are working together for me in a much more holistic way to the problems of menopause and aging.

Hormone Suppoft For Her

Once you recover from the voice in your head that says you're too old, the whole ball game changes. To me this stage of life is the beginning of when life gets really interesting – in a good way.

Where to from here? Ladies my suggestion is make the rest of your lives, the best of your lives. If you are interested in taking a natural approach to managing or balancing your hormones safely, I suggest you drop our customer relation’s team an email at, outlining your concerns and health objectives. This team is totally dedicated to one-on-one customer support and recommendations. Their advice is free and they have a clear understanding on taking a holistic approach to help you look and feel your best - naturally. They sure have helped me.

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