Share Your Story Competition

    What is the difference between someone who lives their life believing that their glass is half full and the person that believes that it is half empty? Who do you think is happier? It has been said that being happy isn't something that just happens to’s something that you make happen for yourself.

    Happiness comes as a result of the many choices and decisions that we make every day and the positive thoughts that we allow ourselves to think.

    Easier said than done? Couldn’t we all use a little inspiration when it comes to making our lives happier, fuller and just plain better? Well we have an idea...why not ask people to share their stories about the small things that they have done to extend the quality and happiness of their lives so that others could read them and get inspired.

    And the great thing is there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to the secret of happiness, really, other than recognizing what makes us smile, laugh or just be plain thankful to be alive.

    Everyone loves an inspirational story and we want yours! Submit your story from May 11 through to June 1 by visiting our ‘Share Your Story Competition’ under the promotions tab on our Facebook page.

    Up to six finalists will be chosen on June 2 and then the public will be asked to vote for a winner from June 3 to June 16.

    The winner will receive a 6-month supply of a brand new product that is not even on the shelves yet....Omega 3 / QH Ultra!

    Be sure to check it out...whether you want to share your story or just need a little inspiration to get you through the working day!

    On a side note we will be running a competition in about 3-months from now where we’ll be looking for the most inspirational story from our customers about how Xtend-Life products have changed their lives...lots of great prizes to be won so get your thinking caps on.