Our Website Gets a Make-Over

    Regular visitors who know their way around our site might find the new template and design slightly different from what they’re used to; however, many have already commented on the site’s ‘fresh’ new look, clear navigation links, and easy purchase options. The site’s homepage has been revamped and gives visitors a clear display of navigable sections and interesting links such as the new customer comments and supplement overview pages. The various product categories have been reworked along with the copy on the supplement introduction pages.

    All the news archives, skincare, health concerns, and supplement pages now have a bookmarking link on them. This means that visitors to the site can now share Xtendlife content with their family and friends across various social media and info-sharing sites. Exciting New Features One of the site’s new features is the Total Balance Overview page helping customers choose the right Total Balance product that suits them, their lifestyle and budget. The comprehensive Total Balance pop-up screen contains lots of information to help you appreciate what all 7 versions of Total Balance may do for you and your family. 


    As a result of customer requests Xtendlife now has a presence on various social networking sites.

    Follow us on Twitter, join our fan page on Facebook and connect to our LinkedIn network to get the latest news, updates and comments from Xtendlife.

    Be the first to hear about new product launches, sweepstakes and loads of other interesting initiatives from Xtendlife - all while giving your thoughts and comments in real time.

    Xtendlife Marketing Manager, Rebecca Croft, says that customer satisfaction is the core of Xtendlife’s primary objectives and social networking sites give customers an opportunity to interact with the company on a much deeper level where trust is established, and genuine concerns are addressed.

    “These social sites form part of our online marketing plan and we’ll be rolling out the project from the beginning of 2010,” she says “We’re all really excited about the prospects ahead and by the time you’re reading this, Xtendlife’s presence on these social sites will be live so please join us”