Are you aware of your adrenal stress symptoms?

 If you feel stressed, lacking in energy, then you may need a bit of adrenal support. The adrenal glands help us handle stress and they are making several important hormones that run many significant functions in our bodies.

Adrenaline is our fight or flight hormone. Adrenaline helps speed up metabolism and helps the body cope with danger. Over time, we lose our ability to distinguish between life threatening stress such as almost having a car wreck and situational stress such as being stopped at a red light too long. The end result is stressed out adrenal glands.

General signs and symptoms of adrenal stress include fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, weight gain and insomnia. There are also some specific signs. These include waking up tired, poor short-term and/or long term memory, inability to concentrate, learning disorders such as ADD, and dizziness when changing positions.

Other adrenal symptoms include allergies, fainting spells, craving sweets and caffeine, shakiness between meals, muscle twitches, blood sugar problems, discomfort with bright lights, chronic upper-respiratory infections, hay fever, and asthma. While you may not have all of the symptoms, you may have a selection of which there appears to be no other physical or emotional explanation.

You can get a blood test by your doctor if you think that adrenal fatigue is contributing towards your symptoms.

One symptom that tends to occur in many people with adrenal dysfunction is dark circles underneath the eyes that end underneath the pupil.

To strengthen stressed out adrenal glands decrease stress (easier to say than to do ), balance your blood sugar by eating meals with plenty of lean protein along with salads and healthy vegetables, and avoid stimulants such as cigarettes, caffeine, sodas, sweets and starchy carbs. The difficult part of this is that initially you will be even more tired. You will know you are better when after 3 to 7 days you begin to feel more rested when you wake up and more energy throughout the day.

Also ensure that you eat a good breakfast. This needs protein. This could be from eggs, cottage cheese, lean meat, or protein powder. Vegetarians can also include Royal Jelly to help with the protein powder if desired. Basically you need high quality essential amino acids.

Taking Total Balance daily (AM and mid afternoon) can also help here as it contains enzymes, amino acids, and other ingredients needed to help you on your way to a full daily quota alongside good dietary practice.

Total Balance Premium (or Standard) and Omega 3/DHA (1 of the 3 versions to suit you) are a good start to helping balance your system along with diet, fluids, and exercise for proper adrenal function.

Severely stressed adrenal glands require a lot of time to heal, so you need to maintain a good supplement, diet, fluid and exercise regime for an estimated 12 months before you can really begin to notice long-term improvement. But this doesn't mean you won't begin to feel better until this time. Some people notice improvement inside the first 1-4 months.