CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) Lowering Bad Cholesterol

This is because the body has to convert that form back to Ubiquinol and as we get older that becomes more problematic.

We know that Ubiquinol provides many benefits for good heart and circulatory health and is a must for those people on a statin drug. But, what is interesting is that there is now evidence supporting the benefits of this ingredient for cholesterol.

Scientists from Germany recently carried out a study related to determining the impact that Ubiquinol has on LDL Cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol) They found that the effects of the Ubiquinol was as good as a daily dose of plant sterols and reduced LDL levels by an average of 12.7%.

It should be noted that they were using the only recognised form of quality Ubiquinol and that is the one produced by Kaneka. This is the same ingredient that we use in our Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10.

In case you are not aware of this product it is probably worth looking at because it is the most economic way of getting genuine Ubiquinol and because it is combined with our Omega 3 fish oil, and astaxanthin and Lycopene you can get the best possible combination for your heart and circulatory system. For more details click here.

To read more about this study please click here.