A Disturbing Story

    I came across an article recently that was talking about problems with having complaints addressed by the Californian Board of Registered Nurses.  It would seem that there are some serious shortfalls with the way in which this board operates and as a result, patients could be put at risk.

    Indeed one problematic nurse even said when interviewed that “the board is there to protect the public from people such as me” but they let him continue getting nursing positions.

    Hospitals are dangerous enough places as it is due to many mistakes that are made there due usually to incorrect administration of drugs... but, to have the risk of being maltreated by nurses is really a bit over the top, particularly if they are able to get away with it and repeat it again elsewhere.  The greatest majority of Nurses are caring people and do what they do because they believe they are helping people which indeed they are…but, as with any profession they have their own share of ‘rat bags’ who must be removed. However, they need support from the various authorities, and they don’t seem to be getting it.

    I think that it is important should you or anyone close to you get mistreated that you kick up a real fuss.  Only with people complaining…when it is warranted will change come about…and change seems to be needed in this area at the moment.

    For a link to the article which you may find interesting please click here.