Why immunity needs an all-year effort

Strengthen Your Immunity All Year Round

When it comes to immunity, our minds jump to winter colds and flu. But our immune system is under stress no matter what time of the year.

The chilly winter air allows cold and flu viruses to survive longer and spread more easily. As the temperature gets colder, the virus’ exterior coating becomes tougher, which makes them stronger. And of course, when it’s cold outside, we tend to spend more time indoors in close proximity to others, increasing our exposure to colds and flu.

A change of season also signals the arrival of seasonal allergens (such as pollens) which can overstimulate the immune system, triggering allergic reactions such as runny noses, congestion, and itchy eyes. And with the immune system already hard at work trying to manage hay fever, it’s harder for you to fight off seasonal allergens if you do encounter them.

Inflammation: Hero and Villain

Inflammation is the first response of the immune system to infection or irritation. When you get the signs of sickness (having a cold, feeling run down, a runny nose, congestion), you might wonder, "Why doesn't my immune system work?' In fact, these symptoms are your immune system at work.

But as the immune system is triggered to protect you from one health issue, that same inflammation plays a significant role in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, type-1 diabetes, and heart disease, which peak in the winter1,2,3,4.

Take Action to Increase Immunity

There are a few simple steps you can follow to boost your immunity and help keep colds, flu, and seasonal allergies at bay:

  • Minimize stress
  • Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Practice safe hygiene habits (wash your hands!)

Take Supplements for an Immunity Boost

While all of the above actions are important, there are times when you need an extra boost. Xtendlife has a range of supplements designed to support you in keeping your body in optimum wellness.

Immu-Stay: The Immunity Specialist

While people naturally think about strengthening their immunity for winter, it’s important to do it whenever there are temperature changes. 

Especially effective when taken a few months before the seasons change, Immu-Stay uses 21 herbs and nutrients to boost your immune system naturally, including:

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Omega-3: The Immune Supporter

Omega-3s have many proven benefits for general health, with benefits for joint, eye, heart, and brain health, but did you know they can boost immunity as well?

The key to this is their ability to help manage inflammation, the hero and villain of the immune system. Fish oil helps support the body's ability to manage inflammation and return inflammation to a healthy balanced state.

In short, our omega-3 products support immunity, with a high DHA content (700mg) to give maximum effect. Even better, our Omega 3 QH Premium CoQ10 blend includes ingredients to support skin and CoQ10 for optimum heart health. Learn More

Total Balance: Your Foundational Defense

Whether it’s a cold, an allergy, or something more serious, prevention is the best cure when it comes to staying healthy. That’s why we put foundational health at the core of our Total Balance Range of supplements.

Our immunity blend is part of this approach. We’re constantly refining it; adding new ingredients to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

As you’d expect from a premium nutrient system, when it comes to supporting immunity, these ingredients go way beyond vitamin C (though don’t worry, it’s still in the formula). They’re all backed by science – don’t just take our word for it, we’ve linked to some of the research on Total Balance's immunity blend so you can investigate further. Learn More

Immunity Whatever the Season

A healthy immune system is our first line of defense against illness, and allergies, germs, and viruses can attack in any season.

At a minimum, consider the practical steps we've suggested to keep these problems at bay. But in times of extra stress, consider giving your body a boost by providing it with the extra it needs to keep you feeling and performing at your best. 


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