What about the effect of Resveratrol on Estrogen?

Two points - what does your research indicate? Secondly, if antagonist, it is good for men, but "tricky" for women.

Your Total Balance Women's Premium, Cardio-Klenz, etc, each contain 50 mg. What ingredients in your supplements for women ensure that estrogen levels are not adversely impacted?

Answer: by Joanna

Hi David,

Resveratrol is a weak phytoestrogen. It binds to both alpha and beta estrogen receptors. Trans-resveratrol (the natural form, and the type we use in our Total Balance and Cardio-Klenz) has mixed agonist and antagonist activity on the estrogen-alpha receptor, but its affinity for these receptors is about 7,000 times less than estrogen itself.

So when used at the type of low dosage we use, even when combined, together with the other hormonal balancing ingredients in both our Men and Women's Total Balance formulas, its action is more that of a mild balancer, it isn't specific enough to be considered detrimental in either case.

If it were being used in high dosage, on its own, then because resveratrol might have estrogenic effects at this level, women with hormone sensitive conditions - such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, and endometriosis and uterine fibroids - would be advised to avoid such intake levels.

We would give the same potential cautions concerning the other hormonal balancing ingredients in our women's formula, if someone was undergoing cancer treatment for example.

However, for general health and balance these are fine and interact with the other ingredients to bring about optimal balance.