The Importance Of Effective Delivery Systems For Dietary Supplements

When it comes to dietary supplements, one of the key factors that can determine a product’s efficacy is how its ingredients are delivered to the parts of your body that need them the most. In fact, many people think that all supplements and their ingredients are made equal...this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re investing in your health by taking dietary supplements, how do you know that the ingredients you’re ingesting are actually being absorbed into your system? Or, are they simply being removed every day every time you go to the toilet?

In order to be effective, the nutrients and ingredients that make up the formula of the dietary supplement must be transported into the bloodstream without being damaged or compromised. Achieving this for every supplement is an important process, but it is at the core of Xtendlife’s mission to bring you the best quality without compromise.

By using four different delivery systems, Xtendlife is able to provide effective supplements that offer the maximum benefits by delivering the nutrients when and where they should be.

Each different delivery system – enteric coated tablets, non-enteric coated tablets (the standard in supplement coating), soft gel capsules and hard gel capsules - takes into account the specific purpose of the products and the active ingredients they contain.

Our top Core Wellness supplements – Total Balance, Omega-3 Fish Oil and Kiwi Klenz – are each packed with different nutrients that respond differently when digested. To ensure the maximum health potential, each uses a different delivery system, ensuring that the supplements break down in the body where the nutrients included in each will do the most good.

Total Balance: Enteric coated tablets

All the products in Xtendlife’s Total Balance line are enteric-coated tablets. Our tablets are specially coated to ensure that stomach acids don’t damage or destroy the nutrients before they reach the upper intestine, where the change in pH levels causes the tablets to break a part, releasing the ingredients to be fully absorbed.

Some of the specific nutrients in Total Balance that are sensitive to stomach acid include L-Glutathione and SAMe.

L-Glutathione: We’ve learned that the ingredient L-Glutathione may help support eye health, heart health, liver function as well as brain health. In fact, this ingredient is found in many other dietary supplement brands...but the major difference lies in the actual compound itself. In most other dietary supplements, L-Glutathione is not only offered in the form of larger molecules that are too big to pass through the intestinal walls into the blood stream, it is also usually damaged by stomach acids before reaching the small intestine because the tablets aren’t enteric coated.

That’s why Xtendlife products that include L-Glutathione are all coated to protect the ingredient from being rendered ineffective by contact with stomach acid, as well as being offered in the form of smaller molecules that the body can actually use.

SAMe: SAMe is a nutrient used by the body to help support important brain functions and nerve health.
Our body makes the nutrient on its own, but we often can’t create as much of it as we need, so supplements can help replenish those levels.

Of course, SAMe can’t do its job when the nutrient doesn’t reach the body. With most standard supplements, because of the method of delivery, SAMe is damaged by stomach acids before it has a chance to be released.

This is why we ensure that all our products that contain SAMe are enteric coated.

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil soft gels

Because omega-3 fish oil is best taken in its natural state as an oil, soft gel capsules are the most effective method of delivery.  Soft gels are ideal for fish oil because they are the most reliable and least likely to leak.  Soft gels are a very effective method of protecting the fish oil from any oxidization.  This ensures that the oil remains of very high quality throughout the shelf-life and does not become rancid, reducing the efficacy and potentially resulting in fishy burps or smelly breath.

But the benefits of our fish oils go far beyond the soft gel capsules.

Xtendlife’s Fish Oil is sourced from hoki from the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand, and from highly concentrated and purified Tuna, ensuring exceptional purity. It is also encapsulated with the freshest oil possible to prevent any fishy aftertastes that can be a major drawback as seen with sub-standard brands of fish oil. Xtendlife’s fish oil is also made with natural – not synthetic – triglycerides.

Omega-3 fish oil has been studied worldwide and it may help support the body against inflammation, an often overlooked condition that is associated with many different ailments.

Other benefits of omega-3 fish oil can include:

  • Support brain health and function. Omega-3s are linked to lower rates of depression because the DHA that comes with pure omega-3 fish oils may help allow serotonin – our body’s feel-good chemical – to flow more freely between the brain cells.
  • Support balanced cholesterol. According to the Mayo Clinic and many other researchers, fish oil has been associated with supporting improved levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body...two contributing factors to heart disease.
  • Support joint health and function. Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil may help support the health and function of your joints. By having healthier joints, you’ll be able to enjoy comfort and freedom of movement as you age.

Kiwi-Klenz hard gel capsules

Kiwifruit has been long been celebrated as a digestive powerhouse, making it a great choice to potentially help improve digestive issues, which will not only help you feel better, it will also ensure that your body is better able to take in all the nutrients it needs for optimum health. A better digestive system means being able to absorb more nutrients for better health.

Some experts recommend eating two kiwifruit a day, but since that recommendation includes the rough outer skin, it’s not as easy (or appetizing) as it sounds.

At Xtendlife, we have taken the best of the fruit and packed it into our Kiwi-Klenz supplement through the ingredient Digesten-K, a nutrient-rich extract that is packed with prebiotics that encourage the body to produce its own friendly bacteria, all while providing a healthy environment for that good bacteria to live.

In addition to prebiotics, Kiwi-Klenz offers natural digestive enzymes from the Kiwifruit to help break down the foods we eat so nutrients are better absorbed in the body, phenols that help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and soluble fiber for improved bowel function and less build-up of toxic waste.

Beyond those benefits, Kiwi-Klenz may help support your immune system, boost your skin’s appearance and even reduce gut gas.

Because the active ingredients in Kiwi-Klenz are from the natural food source of the kiwifruit, they are not damaged by stomach acids and are best delivered via hard gel capsule.

You can read more about these foundation products on the website, as well as more information about the delivery systems we use for our dietary supplements.