Testosterone and Vitamin D

From Customer:

“Thank you so much for your reply. I used to go to an internal medicine doctor that helped me with panic attacks and depression, he put me on effexor for years. I started thinking, what would happen if you gave your body all the vitamins and nutrients that it needed, then see what if any pharmaceutical drugs I may need.

My doctor thought this was a bad idea, so I switched to a doctor that also was a nutritionist and he ran blood test and said that I need to take Usana, and at least 2000-4000IU of Vitamin D3.

Well it has seemed to work, I have been off all meds for years. Now I have found out my current doctor is on the Scientific advisory council for Usana and his wife is a distributor.

Not saying this is bad, but make me wonder if he is promoting it just to increase his sales? He told me it was almost impossible to get too much of the Vitamin D3, also started me on testosterone injections because me testosterone was too low. Said there was no supplement out there that can increase this. I have placed my second order of Total Balance Men's and first order of Testosterone Support, so far so good!”

I responded as follows:

Be very wary of testosterone injections!  By taking testosterone directly it can potentially deactivate your own production of testosterone making you dependent on injections for the rest of your life.  Personally I would never have them as the risks are too high. 

I know that testosterone therapy is quite popular with many people and indeed with some Doctors because it can be a ‘quick fix’.  The key is to do everything that you can to support your own systems to produce adequate amounts, AND, to also keep in mind that most men still continue to produce adequate amounts of testosterone as they age, but they end up with low amounts in their systems because a lot of it is converted to estrogen as they get older. 

If you can reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen then you shouldn’t have a problem.  I will be 65 this year and my testosterone levels are still at that of a typical man several decades younger, and all I do is support my organs with adequate levels of nutrients including those such as Chrysin which help inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. 

We have this in Total Balance Men’s.  Bear in mind that I have been taking it for years and that unlike testosterone injections it is not a quick fix, but it is a permanent solution.

With regard to the Vitamin D.  I disagree with your Doctor if he is saying that you cannot get too much Vitamin D from supplements.  The fact is that you can, as Vitamin D taken orally is quite different from that manufactured by the body from the sun. 

Over the last couple of years, there has been a Vitamin D craze/fad with many people including physicians advocating ‘more is better’ when they are referring to Vitamin D supplements.  They think that this will fix just about everything that ‘ails’ you.  This I believe is a dangerous position as you can get toxicity from high doses of Vitamin D and it may upset other balances in your body which many forms of vitamins can do if taken in isolation and in excessive doses. 

However, you can’t get too much Vitamin D when it is produced by your own body from exposure to sunlight.  If this is what your Doctor is referring to then I agree with him 100%. 

Vitamin D obtained from sunlight is able to be stored by the body in fatty tissues and any excess released during the winter time or other periods when it is needed.  If you tried to get as much Vitamin D from supplements as you can get from regular exposure to the sun you would actually get quite ill. 

So, try to get as much exposure to the sun, all over if you can as it will give you a lot of health benefits.