SPECIAL ISSUE - A Health 'Principle' You Need To Know!

    Dependency for life?

    Never lose sight of the fact that much of the medical industry is designed to separate you and the government from its money by getting you dependent upon drugs for life. Doctors are usually unwittingly assisting that objective because they are so busy doing what they believe is right and do not have the time to really think through what is going on.

    Once you start taking prescription drugs you are on the start of a slippery health slope down from which you may never recover. One drug generally leads to another often to counteract side effects. This in turn generates symptoms which require outside specialists who treat them and before long the original problem is minor in relation to all the others that have resulted from the original treatment.

    Because the principles behind this issue of Xtend-Your-Life are so important I would urge you to copy it to all your friends and relations whom you think would benefit. The story that I have related is NOT an isolated example. I would hazard a guess that it is repeated millions of times a day throughout the world.

    Take care,