Question About The Hoki In Your Omega 3 Fish Oil

    Question from Francie W (United States)

    Hi, I had read that a white fish (Hoki) is non oily fish & this type has the oil taken only from the liver? Also that it is a warm water fish? Had at one time read that Hoki oil is derived from Hoki flesh & bones?

    Does Omega-3 Oil from Hoki also contain Cod, as indicated? I prefer not to have Cod as part of the oil as it is questionable in regard to the liver.

    Also that Hoki has very little natural DHA? I am on my second bottle of Xtendlife Omega 3 / DHA Plus Plus Fish Oil… Is it true that an extended usage could be harmful?

    I'm 88 years young and still trying to do the very best for my health. Should I revert to one capsule a day? as I'm 5ft. tall weight 105 lbs. Very active and a worker...

    Thanks for reading this long question.

    Blessings, Francie

    Answer from Warren Matthews

    Hi Francie,

    Nice to hear from you…and congratulations on being so conscious about your health at 88 years. May you have many more healthy and productive years. The oil is taken from the flesh, not from the liver. Hoki is not a particularly oily fish but it is still viable because we process the fish fresh. If it has been frozen then it is hard to get a good yield of oil.

    There is no cod in our fish oil. Cod is not a big fishery in NZ. We only use Hoki. The Hoki is definitely a cold water fish and is caught in the Southern Ocean off New Zealand at latitudes 40 – 50 degrees south, so the water certainly is cold. Where I live at 43 degrees south the water is too cold for swimming (for me anyway) even during the summer months.

    The level of DHA in most fish is quite small which is why the oil is normally concentrated. We use the hoki oil in its natural state (non-concentrated) and then blend it with highly concentrated and purified tuna oil so we have the benefit of all the natural components of hoki oil and a high concentration of DHA.

    There is no validity to extended use of the oil being harmful. It is a food and an essential one at that. I take 4 – 5 capsules every day and have been for years and I will continue to do so until the day I die. It helps keeps inflammation in the body down and inflammation is one of the main triggers for many degenerative diseases. Inflammation is measured by C-Reactive Protein. According to the laboratory where I have my latest blood test the inflammation in my body was the lowest they had ever seen for an adult. It was better than an average young child, and I am 63. I am sure that the Omega 3 Fish Oil plays a part in this.

    If I were you I would stay with the 2 capsules a day. You may like to alternate each month to our Omega 3 / QH Plus which contains Ubiquinol (CoQ10) which contains everything that the Plus version does plus the CoQ10 which is really good for your entire cardiovascular system.

    All the best,