New Improved Enteric Coating System

    Here at Xtendlife we are always looking for ways to improve our products and the health benefits that they provide to many thousands of customers.

    As part of this process we have just completed the transition to using the new, state of the art Nutrateric II enteric coating system across the full range of our enteric coated tablets.

    This applies to all of the following products…

    We have been working with Colorcon, a world leader in immediate and delayed-release coating solutions for some time on this transition and we were also proud to be the first supplement manufacturer in the world to move to this new system.

    Why Did We Make This Change?

    Over the last eight years, we have been using well-proven pharmaceutical enteric coating from Colorcon Inc and it has been an excellent system. However, we made the transition to the Nutrateric II system because we believe it is the best and most natural enteric coating material on the market. Most of the ingredients are extracted from plants.

    Unlike the previous coating, the Nutrateric II system is clear because it has no iron oxide or other materials which are used to provide colour. This means that you can now see the color of the ingredients in the tablets rather than the white or yellow coating that was used previously.

    You will also notice that the tablets with the new coating also smell different. More of a herbal-type smell due to the plant components of the coating itself. Even though they now look similar to the non-coated tablets you can rest assured that the efficacy is still the same. They still undergo the same rigorous testing with each batch.

    If you would like to read more about this coating, we have included more info which you can access by clicking here.