Important New Year Message...

Firstly, for all our customers and subscribers who celebrate the new calendar year please accept the very best wishes from all the staff at Xtend-Life and myself. We all hope that 2003 will be a prosperous, happy and healthy one for you. For our subscribers and customers in other parts of the world who celebrate a different 'new year' our best wishes are also extended.

Being the 1st of January this is of course the first issue of Xtend-Your-Life for 2003. I am not going to devote this issue to any particular topic, but rather ramble on a little about the last year and what the following year may hold in store for your health.

We started Xtend-Your-Life newsletter in January last year and it has been published twice monthly since. It has been extremely gratifying personally to me in writing the newsletters because of all the kind emails I have had from subscribers. Thank you. I make an effort to keep the newsletter as non commercial as possible and to give you health information that you can use. Of course I do slip in the odd 'plug' for one of our products for which I hope that I am forgiven. It is the sale of our products which enables us to be able to continue publishing the newsletter.

Commonsense approach to Health

Over the last year we have covered a wide variety of subjects. I make every effort to keep the articles as unbiased as possible. They are written based on my best understanding of the specific subject. Of course when writing a newsletter such as this there is always going to be occasions in which my views conflict with others. If you disagree with anything I say and you can support your argument please let me know and I will research it further. I have an open mind and take a common sense flexible approach towards health based on personal experience, new and ongoing research.

What I have found over the last year is that we receive a lot of emails from subscribers and customers alike with questions on a wide variety of health subjects. A lot of them are similar and as a result I spend a lot of time answering emails personally with similar answers. This has influenced my decision to write a comprehensive e-book covering a wide variety of subjects which will answer a lot of these questions.

You may recollect that in the 4th December 2002 issue of Xtend-Your-Life I referred to a new e-book that I am writing relating to permanent safe weight loss without the need to diet. What I will be writing about really does work and not only will you lose weight but you will also improve your overall health significantly. I can guarantee that.

Excess weight and poor health go together

Anyway, because of the implication that being overweight has on health and the inter relationship, I have decided to expand this e-book significantly to include a much wider spectrum of health subjects which will apply not only to those people who are overweight but also to those who are in reasonable health but perhaps lack energy and maybe are not feeling 100%.

The e-book will be in a PDF format with indexing and hot links to make it easy to navigate. It will also be printer friendly. I don't know what size it will be but I expect around 150 pages. To give you an idea of the contents here is a rough draft of the chapter headings. It is not complete and other chapters will be added.

Chapter 1. What makes you fat, unhealthy, tired and low on energy?
Chapter 2. Why obesity and sub standard health is a 'raging' epidemic.
Chapter 3. The different approaches to weight loss.
Chapter 4. Fat, carbohydrates and protein.
Chapter 5. Good and bad fats.
Chapter 6. Metabolism... what does it mean for weight loss?
Chapter 7. Diabetes... the ultimate result of excess weight.
Chapter 8. Heart attacks and strokes. How to avoid them.
Chapter 9. Blood pressure. The cause and effect.
Chapter 10. The truth about Cholesterol.
Chapter 11. The fight against cellulite. It can be won!
Chapter 12. Sex! How to ensure that you can continue to enjoy it... with no age limitation.
Chapter 13. Aging! Can it be slowed down?
Chapter 14. Hormones. Gift or curse?
Chapter 15. Water. Essential for life but potentially poisonous!
Chapter 16. Your Brain! How to avoid the coming epidemic of brain disease.
Chapter 17. Supplementation. Is it necessary and why?
Chapter 18. Exercise. Do you really need it?
Chapter 19. Attitude is crucial for vibrant health.
Chapter 20. Environmental Hazards.
Chapter 21. Allergies to food.
Chapter 22. Sunshine... you have likely been misinformed!

As I mentioned there are other chapters to be added along with multiple references.

Because of the complexity of the book and the time and expense in preparing it we have decided to market it as a stand alone product. The price point is expected to be around US$29. Because I believe that it will be so beneficial to many people we will be marketing it quite aggressively. This is only possible if we charge for it, as we have to pay for advertising, affiliate commissions etc.

Any profits that we make from the sale of the e-book will be placed into a separate fund for further research work. The e-book will be updated and re-edited at least twice yearly, so purchasers can receive the benefit of ongoing research.

Free copy for existing subscribers and customers

In the 4th Dec issue of Xtend-Your-Life I promised a free copy of the weight loss e-book to our existing customers and subscribers. We are extending this offer to include this upgraded much more comprehensive e-book. So, if you didn't register last month for your complimentary copy there is still an opportunity for you to do so. I am hoping that it will be ready for publishing early February. Sorry to all those folks who have already registered for the weight loss book and were hoping to have it earlier. But... I am sure that the extra wait will be worth it.

To register for your free copy just click here. (If you have already registered for the weight loss book you don't need to register)

If you make the right health decisions, this year could be an exciting one in which you could make significant positive strides forward towards vibrant health for you and your loved ones. This new e-book will I am sure help you in your decision making.

Good health helps solve financial problems

Economically I know that 2003 could be a tough one for many of our subscribers and customers. I am no stranger when it comes to knowing what it is like to live through tough economic times. From experience I can say to those people who are experiencing 'tight' financial times that it is much easier to get through these periods when your health is in top condition.

(It doesn't cost much to keep your health in perfect condition... your biggest investment is the time you need to spend in getting to understand how to treat your body.)

Hurdles which seem massive when you are not feeling good seem to vanish or become small ones when you have excellent health. All relationships become stronger and you gain a better appreciation of nature. This all translates into higher level of contentment and increased efficiency which in turn helps difficult financial periods pass quicker and easier.

Once again my best wishes for 2003,