Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements...

Jean Wrote:

Thank you so much for your prompt response, Warren. Your character, concern and transparency is evident in everything I've read on your site and it is very much appreciated. Yes, your answer is helpful and I can't wait to buy the TB for both my husband and myself.

FYI....I came upon your site by doing a Google search for the book Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, authored by Lyle MacWilliam (who sat on the board of USANA from 2003-2006 during which time the book was released) rating USANA the highest among all other brands or at least always in the top 5. I have yet to see or buy the book but I was curious to find out if your company was in there or if you even know about the book. I don't know if I can even believe it to be an unbiased or a credible source with the little bit that I know now. (My personal trainer who recommended USANA cited that book as a reliable resource as to why.) At any rate, through those searches, I came upon Brett Seagrott's website ( which is promoting your product TB; thus, here I am. So I suppose that begs the question, is your company only found by nutritional "die-hards" doing detailed searches for quality products? Because unfortunately, up until now I've not heard of Xtend-Life. Only if time allows an answer....Thank you again!

Warren comments:

You are right Jean…we really are only found by the nutritional ‘die-hards’. Our focus has always been on producing the best possible quality products at the best possible value for money. Marketing has taken a ‘back seat’ since we started 10 years ago as we have been satisfied with our growth, mainly from referrals from our existing customers.

With regard to Lyle MacWilliam's book, we were in the earlier editions but we asked not to be included in future. This is because our Total Balance rated poorly because of the criteria that they used when giving the ‘scores’. Not sure if they have followed through with our request.
The comparisons in his book are based on very simple products (which USANA’s and the others are) and as such they are comparing ‘apples with oranges’ if they include our products. For example, they ignore and do not rate all the very expensive and effective ingredients that are not commonly used…such as SAMe, vinpocetine and many more. They ignore the delivery system such as the enteric coating we use to product some of the more sensitive ingredients from being damaged by stomach acid.

If they were to include all these additional nutrients and delivery system and give them the rating they deserve we would be #1 with #2 way behind…but, given that MacWilliams has past or present relationships with the 'top ranking' companies he would not be too popular if he did that…so, the most convenient way is to ignore these other nutrients…which he does.