Another act of Kindness...

    About a year ago, I wrote a small blog post about an act of kindness by a woman who was a complete stranger to me.

    Well I feel that I have to share another experience with you! I know that it is not directly related to health but, indirectly I think that it is because I am sure that the way in which people relate to others has an impact on their own health…and when you experience an unsolicited good deed by a stranger it has flow on effects it that it prompts you to wish to return the deed in some way to someone else...and so the effect becomes multiplied and these little things all contribute to improved sense of wellbeing.

    On Monday of this week I arrived in Washington from Germany and spent the night visiting an old friend in Baltimore. I had to be in Boston the next day so I could visit the Natural Products Expo on Wednesday for a few days before I go to Supply West in Las Vegas next week where all the latest natural ingredients are showcased.

    Well, I decided it might be a nice change to catch a train from Baltimore to Boston to see some of the scenery on the way and also get some work done. (They have internet on the train).

    It was a pleasant trip, but when I got to the station in Boston I could not find my wallet anywhere. It had all my cash and credit cards in it, and it appeared that it had either been stolen or lost. I couldn’t see how it could be stolen as I had kept a good eye on my bag…but, then I couldn’t see how I could lose it either…but…I obviously had.

    Anyway, there was a guy on the train who was getting off at the same station and he helped me look around in case I had dropped it somewhere…but, no luck.

    When we got off he offered to give me some cash for the taxi fare to my hotel, but I refused saying that it wasn’t fare and I could walk.

    Then halfway up the elevator he pulled out $20 and insisted that I take it. I refused but he said I should really have it and I ended up conceding and accepted it. I asked him for his details so I could return the money to him, but he said 'forget it'. I said that I didn’t feel right about that so I tried another angle and said, well give me your name and address as we are in the supplement business and I will arrange to send you and your wife some supplements.

    When I told him this he laughed and pulled out his business card which showed that he was Laurence Tree the President and CEO of Andrew Weill Lifestyle LLC. For those readers who are not familiar with Andrew Weil, they are a reputable producer of health supplements and Dr Andrew Weil is a renowned author of a number of books. That is why he laughed when I offered to send him some supplements.

    Even though we are competitors, I am sure that with the attitude and the generosity of their CEO that they would produce good products and give good service. So, there you go…a 'plug' for Andrew nWeil. Because I am biased I am not saying that their products are as good as or better than ours but I am sure that they are honest ones.

    Oh…after calling my office in NZ and getting ready to cancel all the credit cards and wire some money to me…I found the wallet in part of my bag I never use!!! I still have Laurence’s $20 note.