30 Day Supply | 90 Capsules
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Healthy bone and strong skeletal structure with natural marine calcium and 10 additional bio-active nutrients, including vitamin D, K and magnesium. 

  • Support bone strength and density 
  • Manage healthy calcium and mineral levels 
  • Provide ongoing bone-building support and maintenance 

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Key Benefits

Bioavailable Formula

Marine Calcium

Bone Support

Maintaining robust bone health is paramount to preserving a quality of life. Bone density naturally diminishes with age, increasing the vulnerability to fractures. Weakening bones are indicators of bone density loss. The good news is, just as you can bolster your heart, brain, and muscles, you can strengthen your bones. 

Bone Support is an advanced formula that provides a broad spectrum of essential nutrients for bone health. It is carefully formulated with quality bioavailable forms of ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers to help you enhance your bone health and regain vitality. 

Maintain Healthy Calcium and Bone Strength 

Calcium combines with other minerals to form hard crystals giving bones strength and structure. Almost 99% of the body's calcium is found in the bones. Bone-Support features high-quality marine calcium in the form of Aquamin® TG, which can be assimilated by the human body and stored properly in your bones. Compared with standard synthetic calcium, Aquamin® TG has a high degree of availability, which means better absorption and support for bone strength.  

It’s sourced sustainably from marine seaweed and is 100% natural.  

Support Bone Density 

Bone-Support goes beyond calcium, incorporating a comprehensive blend of bone-nourishing nutrients to support bone density and the skeletal structure. 

  • Vitamin K2 – Supports calcium deposits in the bones and mineralization maintenance. It may also help to manage unhealthy levels of inflammation. 
  • Vitamin D3 - Supports essential functions of bone formation, supports healthy levels of calcium, and helps maintain bone hardness. 
  • Magnesium - Supports healthy bone density, especially when taken in combination with calcium and vitamin D. 
  • Boron - Support bone health by increasing the integration of calcium into bone and cartilage. It is especially helpful for age-related bone conditions. 

The result? Improved posture, mobility, and strength, allowing you to lead an active, fulfilling life. When combined with a balanced diet and moderate weight-bearing exercise, Bone-Support is your key to maintaining healthy bones and a well-functioning skeletal system.  

See the full ingredient list on the label. 

Protect yourself against osteoporosis and bone density loss with Bone-Support. The ingredients used in Bone-Support include all the essential nutritional elements needed to help build and sustain strong bones. For the best long-term benefits, combine with Total Balance.

You may click on any of the below ingredients for more information, including clinical studies and references where applicable.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per Serving   % DV*
Total Carbohydrate <1 g 1%
Vitamin C
(as Calcium Ascorbate)
61 mg 68%
Vitamin D
(as Cholecalciferol) (1000 IU)
25 mcg 125%
Vitamin K2
(as Menaquinone-4, 90mcg, MenaQ7® Menaquinone-7, 90mcg)
180 mcg 150%
(from Red Algae (Lithothamnium species) & Calcium Ascorbate)
450 mg 35%
(as Magnesium Oxide)
315 mg 75%
Mangosteen Fruit Extract 559 mg **
(from Black Pepper)
3.9 mg **
Bamboo Extract 2 mg **
(as Strontium Citrate)
1.2 mg **
(as Boron Citrate)
170 mcg **
(from Tomato)
167 mcg **

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Water), Corn Starch.

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking any medications, please consult your health practitioner before starting new supplements.


Servings per bottle: 30
Daily serving: Adults - 3 capsules per day.

Take 3 capsules first thing in the morning.

Combines well with our Omega 3 Fish Oiland Total Balance products.

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking any medications, please consult your health practitioner before starting new supplements.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Trusted Brand for 25 Years
Made in New Zealand
365 Days Guarantee


What age is Bone-Support recommended for?

Bone-Support may be taken by adults of any age, but it is generally not recommended for children and should not usually be needed. If you are concerned your child may be lacking in calcium we advise seeking the opinion of your doctor and of course aiming to add as many calcium rich foods to their diet as possible.

Due to the drop in estrogen, which holds calcium in the bones, post-menopausal women often benefit from including a greater amount of calcium-rich foods in the diet, as well as supporting this with a quality supplement such as Bone-Support.

Please speak with your doctor for advice regarding the amount of calcium that you may need each day.

How can I be sure that my body will be able to absorb the calcium in Bone-Support?

Calcium is a vitally important mineral for the body. However due to many factors, the manner in which it is utilized or absorbed varies greatly from person to person.

Calcium is carried through the bloodstream in two distinct forms: about half is in a usable ionized form, and the other half is attached to protein and is unavailable as a nutrient. However, if the pH (the acid/alkaline balance) is too alkaline, even the usable calcium may not be able to be utilized.

The Aquamin TG Calcium used in Bone-Support is particularly excellent to ensure adequate absorption, as it also has a natural ability to balance the pH of the body.

We understand the importance of using a form of calcium which comes from natural, organic food sources that can be assimilated by your body and stored properly in your bones.

Alongside this calcium are a range of other highly beneficial, complementary nutrients that help enhance absorption, some of the key ingredients involved in this are Vitamin K2, Strontium, Mangosteen extract, and Vitamin D3.

Is Bone-Support a good product to use for supporting osteoporosis?

Bone-Support is a very useful product to provide support in the case of Osteoporosis. It may be used to complement a healthy diet that contains an array of calcium-rich foods, along with gentle weight-bearing exercise, which helps to prevent further bone loss. Of course, it is important to visit your doctor regularly in order to monitor the health of your bones and obtain expert medical advice. Your doctor may recommend regular bone density scans, as well as pharmaceutical supplementation if necessary.

As with all of our products we recommend checking with your doctor before beginning Bone-Support.

Why does Bone-Support only have 35% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium?

Bone-Support contains 35% of the RDI of calcium, which may seem low in comparison to other products that may include 200% of the RDI. However, there is a very good reason for this; research has shown that the body is not able to absorb large amounts of calcium when taken in one dose, especially if it is in a poor quality form. The body will protect itself from obtaining too much calcium by absorbing less, if a high level is consumed. Therefore, even though a higher RDI may appear beneficial, it may in fact result in a lower absorption rate. Likewise, taking a lower dose of a high quality calcium, such as Bone-Support, may result in an enhanced absorption.

We have chosen to use a naturally sourced, bio-available calcium sourced from mineral-rich red algae in Bone-Support, which is named Aquamin TG. This is easily recognised and absorbed, thus achieving more positive results than a higher amount of a poor quality calcium. Importantly, it also has an alkalising effect in the body which is crucial to support an optimal pH balance to enable the efficient absorption of calcium.

We also believe that the majority of people should be able, or at least aim, to get as much calcium from dietary sources as possible. In conjunction with a generally healthy lifestyle and regular weight bearing exercise to help support bone health, especially with aging.

Will this supplement interfere with prescription medications?

All supplements should be taken 2-3 hours away from prescription medication. We recommend checking with your doctor before beginning any supplement.

Can children take Bone-Support?

Yes, there is certainly no reason why children could not take Bone-Support, but it should not generally be needed provided a healthy diet is consumed, in conjunction with regular physical activity. A great source of calcium for children is full-fat dairy products such as yogurt, milk and small amounts of cheese, plus leafy greens. Also, avoid sodas as these can impact upon the absorption of calcium which is crucial as the skeleton is developing.

Can I take other Xtendlife supplements alongside Bone-Support?

Yes, you can. All our products are formulated to work synergistically with each other.