Customer Care

Xtend-Life Customer Care

Choosing Xtend-Life products is more than just a choice for good health. It is choosing to join a vibrant community of educated consumers who actively seek out quality in the pursuit of long term health.

While the journey to optimal long-term health starts with a single step, it takes plenty of motivation, dedication and support to get there.

We understand this, and that is why we provide a free Customer Care program to all Xtend-Life customers, offering continuous support and health advice to partner with your supplement regime!

With our Customer Care program, we provide free regular follow-ups at a frequency of your choosing to check in on your progress with our products and offer assistance and advice to help you along your health journey.


Join our free Customer Care program for:

  • Free health and nutrition tips and information
  • Personalized service and assistance with orders
  • Follow-ups by phone or email at a frequency of your choice

The journey to optimal long-term health is easier than you think. Contact us at and sign up today.