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Derived from the Turnera diffusa shrub, damiana is a traditional herbal remedy rich in compounds like damianin, arbutin, and essential oils, offering potential benefits for sexual health by supporting libido, stamina, and addressing issues like erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness, while also exhibiting properties for managing stress, promoting digestive wellness, and maintaining energy levels.


Sexual Health

Damiana Background and Benefits

Damiana is a common name for Turnera diffusa, a shrub in the passionflower family. The genus name Turnera comes from the English naturalist William Turner, who described these plants in the 16th century. Damiana originates from Central America, although its natural range extends as far north as southwestern Texas.

Damiana typically grows to a height of three to six feet. It has serrated leaves that are smooth on top and slightly hairy on the bottom. Damiana’s small yellow flowers bloom in the summer and have a strong spicy fragrance that is similar to chamomile. The small fruits have a sweet smell and taste like figs. The seed capsules contain three to six seeds.

Damiana has a long history of use in herbal medicine, especially in Mexico. The most commonly used part of the plant is the leaves, which are typically made into tea or incense. Damiana is primarily used as an aphrodisiac in traditional herbal medicine.

Damiana extract has an especially complex composition, and its biologically active components are still being identified. Damianin is one of its most distinctive components, and other significant components in damiana include arbutin, gonzalitosin, and tannin. Damiana also has essential oils such as pinene, cymol, and cineol. Additional components include cyanogenic glycosides.

Uses of Damiana

The common uses of damiana generally deal with sexual health. It may also be used to manage stress, support the digestive system, and maintain energy levels.

Stress Management

Damiana may help to manage feelings of stress, including anxiety and nervousness. It may also promote a general feeling of wellness.

Sexual Health Support

Damiana extract is typically used to maintain libido and sexual stamina. It may also help to maintain erections in men and manage vaginal dryness and menstrual symptoms in women.

Digestive Health Support

Damiana may support digestive functions such as improving digestion. It may also have a laxative effect in larger doses.

Energy Support

Damiana may help to maintain normal levels of physical energy. It may also support healthy breathing patterns.

Signs You May Need Damiana

A desire to increase libido is one of the most significant signs that you may need damiana extract. Additional sexual signs that may mean damiana could help you include erectile dysfunction in men and an inability to achieve orgasm in women. Emotional signs that may benefit from damiana include stress, anxiety compulsive behavior and low moods. Digestive indications that you may need damiana include colic, constipation and an upset stomach.

Synonyms and Similar Forms of Damiana

Turnera diffusa