Skin Benefits And Uses Of

Harakeke Flax Oil

Harakeke Flax Oil, a luxurious botanical moisturizer rich in linoleic acid, phytosterols, and essential fatty acids, hydrates skin, strengthens its barrier layer, reduces redness and irritation, and promotes cell turnover for healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Harakeke Flax Oil

Harakeke Flax Oil benefits for skin

Harakeke is the Maori name for New Zealand flax, a luxurious botanical moisturizer that is packed with linoleic acid, which boosts the skin’s barrier layer, helping to seal in natural moisture.

In addition to rich hydration from the linoleic acid (almost 70 percent of harakeke is made up of linoleic acid, one of the best moisturizers born from nature), harakeke oil also boasts phytosterols that help ease redness or irritation and speed the turnover of surface skin cells, so healthier cells beneath the skin’s surface are revealed faster.

Harakeke, or flax oil, works by balancing out the skin’s natural oils and supporting healthy inflammation management, so damaged skin can recover.

But moisture is not all Harakeke oil has to offer. It includes two essential fatty acids, omega 6 and oleic acids, which work together to help speed cell turnover, lifting away deposits that block pores while supporting skin recovery by managing the regeneration of new collagen and elastin proteins, strengthening the skin’s dermal layer.

Harakeke is also packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals, lessening the age-related damage from the molecules that attack skin cells, resulting in dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles that add unwanted years.

Because it helps rebuild collagen and elastin, resulting in healthy cells, as surface cells turn over, dark spots lift away and skin looks younger and ageless. Harakeke is found in Xtend-Life’s Kanapa blend.

Uses of Harakeke Flax Oil

Harakeke oil is used in a variety of beauty products including facial creams, hand and body lotions, body balms, lip care products, bar soap, foot care, hair conditioners and products formulated for use after time in the sun to support the skin from drying and cellular damage.

But the fiber from the plant also has a variety of uses.

Harakeke is used to manufacture clothing, ropes, baskets, fishing nets, bird cages and mats, among other items.

The plant was also used in ancient Maori medicine, although the oil was pressed from the leaves rather than the more nutrient-dense seeds.

Source and sustainability of Harakeke Flax Oil

Harakeke is the most common variety of flax found in New Zealand.

The variety used in Xtend-Life products is pressed by Meritelle, a New Zealand-based company that solely produces plant-based extracts using sustainable harvesting practices.

The company harvests harakeke annually from more than 5,000 plants that grow at Meritelle Gardens, located near Wellsford, New Zealand.