Skin Benefits And Uses Of

Apple exfoliator

Derived from apple pomace, a sustainable juice-making byproduct, this exfoliator boosts skin's barrier strength, promotes cell turnover, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Apple exfoliator

Apple Exfoliator benefits for skin

This ingredient takes advantage of fruit acids as well as the texture of dried apple pulp, skin and seeds to gently but effectively exfoliate skin. No matter what products we use to keep our skin youthful and vibrant, dead cells on the surface can leave skin looking dull and lifeless.

Our apple exfoliator helps in two ways. First, apples are packed with lactic acid, a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that when teamed with the fine powder delivery system can help lift away dead surface cells while boosting the strength of your skin’s barrier, creating an extra line of defense against toxins and helping skin better retain moisture.

The acid works by encouraging new skins cells to form after the dull top layer is lifted away, leaving skin looking more radiant almost immediately.

Our apple exfoliator also offers vitamin C, which helps brighten skin and lighten dark spots, one of the most visible signs of skin damage and aging, while helping smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

Over time, skin will become more luminous as hydration levels rise, dark spots fade and fine lines and wrinkles lift away.

Uses of Apple Exfoliator

Because our apple exfoliator is used from apple pomace, a by-product of juice making used as fodder, the pomace can also be used as animal feed or an all-natural fertilizer to encourage healthier, more enriched soil.

Bioactive compounds like polyphenols can also be extracted from the pomace, which was used to make low-alcohol wines during the Middle Ages.

Source and sustainability of Apple Exfoliator

Apple exfoliator is a fine powder obtained from apple pomace, the flesh of the apple after the juice has been pressed for other applications, such as juice.

Because the pomace – also known as marc – would often be discarded, taking advantage of the by-product is an environmentally friendly way to transform trash into skin-healthy treasure.

Based in France, Lessonia was founded in 2002 with a goal of sourcing natural materials for use in cosmetics and other beauty and skin-care products for companies across the world.

From its beginning, Lessonia has been focused on environmentally sound business practices, from using recycled cardboard in packaging to optimizing the use of their sustainable plant-based products by using as much of the plant as possible, such as processing nearly the entire apple when making its fruit-based exfoliator.

Lessonia has worked for more than a decade to reduce its impact on the environment, leaving behind a small footprint that should inspire other companies to do the same.